Fully Automated Laboratory

Laboratory automation is a multi-disciplinary strategy to research, develop, optimize and capitalize on technologies in the laboratory that enable new and improved processes. Laboratory automation professionals are academic, commercial and government researchers, scientists and engineers who conduct research and develop new technologies to increase productivity, elevate experimental data quality, reduce lab process cycle times, or enable experimentation that otherwise would be impossible.

  • Biosystems fully automatic biochemistry and turbidimetry.
  • Nihon Kohden automatic blood cell counter.
  • Biomerieux mini VIDAS Immunoassay & serology.
  • Comprehensive test menu with in house automatic analyzers of high speed and throughput.
  • Quick and accurate results helpful in the prompt treatment.
  • Tests available - All tumor markers, infection antigen-antibody serology (e.g Hepatitis, HIV), hormones analysis, fertility markers, allergy tests, vitamin D analysis and many others.


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