MRI - Tests We Offer

  • MRI Brain Plain
  • MRI Brain Plain & Contrast
  • MRI Brain Contrast Only
  • MRI Epilepsy Protocol
  • MRI Vertigo Protocol
  • MRI Angiography Brain
  • MRI Angiography Carotid vessels
  • MRI Venography
  • MRI Spec1troscopy
  • MRI Brain & Spectroscopy
  • MRI Sella /Pituitary
  • MRI Sella /Pituitary (Dynamic Contrast)
  • MRI Orbits Contrast
  • MRI Orbits Plain
  • MRI Orbits Contrast
  • MRI PNS plain
  • MRI PNS Contrast
  • MRI Neck Plain
  • MRI Neck Contrast
  • MRI Spine One Part
  • MRI Spine With Screening
  • MRI Spine Contrast
  • MRI Knee Plain
  • MRI Knee Contrast
  • MRI Hip Plain
  • MRI Hip Contrast
  • MRI Shoulder Plain
  • MRI Shoulder Contrast
  • MRI Elbow Plain
  • MRI Elbow Contrast
  • MRI Hand Plain
  • MRI Hand Contrast
  • MRI Foot Plain
  • MRI Foot Contrast
  • MRI Ankle Plain
  • MRI Ankle Contrast
  • MRI S-I joints Plain
  • MRI S-I joints Contrast
  • MRI Abdomen Plain
  • MRI Abdomen contrast
  • MRI Pelvis
  • MRI Pelvis contrast
  • MRI Abdomen + Pelvis
  • MRI Abdomen + Pelvis CONTRAST
  • MRI Fistulography
  • MR Urography
  • MRI Extremity /Any Other Part
  • MRI whole-body screening
  • MRI whole body with one part
  • MRI Angiography aorta /peripheral
  • MRI Angiography aorta /peripheral CONTRAST

Important Instructions

MRI Scan:

Patient to come in plain cotton clothes.
Any metallic object like a watch, ornaments, coins, purse, knife, hairpins, buttons, key, mobile are not allowed inside the scanning room
Pacemakers & insulin pumps are contraindicated

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